The power

Now Im a single..
You all knw wat is the single mean by??
Single is mean by one person.
No boyfren,got freedom and I can do watever I like.
But now I pass my day wit ... dunno how to say the feeling.
Seem like my life doesnt free now.
I cant do everything I like when I really like it.
Everytimes I have to care someone's feeling.
After I did something, mayb I will get some satirize words to hear.
This feel not the good. I really dislike it.
HmmMm.. Im not angry by it.
But I just hope I can do something without others permission.
I really din angry or mad wit this.
But now I single.. So can I have a NORMAL life which is suit for single person??
Can I have the power to do my thing my stuff??
or can I have the power to pass my life.
HaizZz.. dunno how to say it.
Is it myself 惹来?
HmMm.. don think about this bah...
I just hope someday I will be the better.
I don hope this will keep going.
I wan my own power. I wan my own life~


Anonymous said...

wat happen o honey?

Shetyan said...

i just don wan she too stick me...