A car

Seriously, I hope got my own car over here...
Not because that I want to:
-have fun with fren by car
-lazy to walk
-show off to fren my driving car skill
-show off to fren I got my own

Just a simple thing I hope to,
I don wan always people come and fetch me,
and I have to wait for people to fetch,
one more serious thing that,
I fucking hate KTM and bus over INTI Nilai here..

Seriously, I need a car over here...
Which I can no need wait for my sis come to KTM fetch me,
or I have to wait my sis free I just can back to Kajang,
or I no need always carry many thing by KTM back to hostel and I have to walk back to hostel with the long distant from bus stop to room which is seriously fucking tired,
or I no need always wait till my sis-in-law free to fetch me back to hostel..

I started to be tired with inconvenient transportation dy... T_T
I seriously hate the feeling of waiting KTM and waiting for my sis convenient time..

I hope miracle will be happen.
Once day dad will buy me a second car to me~

No matter wat kind car of, I just hope I got a car..

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