HTC Desire HD

Mum and Dad,
can I have my favorite Phone?

I hope and wish to have a phone which I love the most,
but it seem like hard to be real.

because, I'm still a students
hence I couldn't have my own phone which I want.

I just can accept what parents give.
Actually I not angry at that,
and I really appreciated what they had gave,
just like this phone, I have been using this phone over 5 years,
and this phone still remain the same and function still work,
that only the looks is
bit broken. HAHA

since nowadays, the society is develop, and
everyone hand must be with Iphone,
therefore this make me hope to get a new phone.

But I'm not interest with Iphone!
Cz I fall in love with HTC desire HD
which can seriously fight with Iphone 4 nowaday,
but now I just can use to dream to have this phone,
by looking at this picture-----------------

when can I got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
pls god!! give me some miracle!!!

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