here or there?

Afternoon,My 2nd sis called me...

I picked up phone and then start now..

My 2nd sis:Wei, How o you...(again this ques)

Joey^^: Wat again?

My 2nd sis:your fren loh, they wan follow or not?

Joey^^:HaizzZZ...Also dunno them oh...吊儿郎当lo..
but I got my NS fren study at there leh...tat inti subang..
tat speaking wit me tat girl ar..
My 2nd sis:Oic.. Tat india girl right?

Joey^^:Ya... and she said her house just beside tat college,then
if when holiday or free time can go her house for visit like tat...
and i'm not afraid edi, cz got JES(tat india girl) can take care me lar..

My 2nd sis:Oic... then later u fax me your result and some of your certificate,
then most improtant my IC & birth certificate got ar... I need
photocopy all of tat... Cz tis sunday inti subang open day..
I wan go there for take a look..

Joey^^: okok... later I fax all of tat to you..Bye

My 2nd sis:bye...

Jz now... I talking wit my dad...
My dad told me sis said she found two sch for me..
1 is close to her house,1 is far a bit..
and tat close tat one is expen oh..
close tat one ofcz is inti subang lar..
Then i said i wan at inti subang oh..
cz my fren there oh..
then my dad asked me got your own fren wan follow you study together?
I said dunno them o.. Tw of them 吊儿郎当o~(hehehe...again tis word)
after tat My dad said dun worry lar...
you go NS jz 3 month thn I can knew a lot of fren..
You go kl study need few year,you must so fast can recognize a lot of fren too..
Dun be so scare lar...

Heheehe... You know..
If i really go to inti subang contines my study,
I will be 70%happy orrhh...
1st I got Jes and sonia there...
2nd My bf there ar....
hehehe...I can close to him edi aRRrrrHHh!!!!!
This i most happy...
the others I think i will get a lot of positive thing loh..
knowledge,life style and i think got a lot lar..

got another 30% tat I will be miss my family>.<
haiZzzz... dunno lar..
Now also not yet comfrim oh...

So I will be here or there?


HansonLi said...

there barh

Shetyan said...

hehe~ u help to choose?