Xmas is coming~

HmMmm... Today is 冬至,quite nice.
Because I wit all my beloved family, except my big sis & 2nd sis having dinner just now.
Ate a lot of thing.
Some more I had made CHOCOLATE 汤圆o~
hehe... Happy^^
Moreover, Xmas is coming..
HmmMm.. Same! Never chg! I still have to pass my Xmas wit lonely wit alone^^
HmMmm.. But I still feel so warm to Xmas.^^
Nevermind ooOooO~ Even alone I still wont be sad bah..=p

His bday is tomorrow o~>.<
SUAN~ hehehehe

HmmMM.. This few days early morning wake up to jogging.
My leg feeling pain now.
Mayb long time din jog bah.
Now my leg quite pain.
And so sleepy. Too early wake up for jog.(6am)
So mayb tomorrow I wont go loh..
hehe~ take enough sleep 1st^^
Some more let my leg rest ooh..

Seem like my mood is good now.
But I hesitating now.
Is it this is my real feeling.
Hide myself inside home since I back from kl till now.
Is it Im did the right thing?
confusing now.. Hahaha

Nevermind bah~ Keep on this kind of attitude,
mayb will help me a lot.
And don worry. 2010 is coming.
Mayb a new year is a new life for me^^

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