Suddenly feel like wanna travel with my family again~

Dunno what happen,this few years I feel that family is so important in my life~
I can't do anything without my family mind~
Mayb I studying at oversea have one years already~
I seldom back home,
thats why I damn miss my family so so much~

Once gathering I am very very appreciate it~
I love the moment stick with my family~I like the moment plat with my family~I miss the moment joke wit my family~
I needs everything every single second with my family~
I so so so much miss the moment gathering with my family~
There are much joyful, lovely, sweet felt inside~
Mum, Dad & all my dearest sister~
Do you all know I love you all so much??Do you all know I need you all so much??
I felt upset, stressful, sad or whatever feeling I having I needs you all just beside me and accompany me~

I alone studying here,
even though recognize many friends here.
and I found much fun here,
but at the same time I need you all together with me~because like that, just is the prefect to me~
Mum, Dad & all my lovely sisters,
you all give me much warm~
Even we are argue with something or what,
I also feel so happy with the argument~Still remember the 1st time we travel???
I miss it damn much~
We all 1st time travel to CHINA KUANG ZHONG~
During CNY 2007~
This is our 1st time family travel and also my 1st time travel at not local place~
How much fun with this~~So happy during that moment~

After that Dad said he want every CNY,
must travel to CHINA once~
It is very very very very joyful and sweet~
Even though I can't get much ang pao~
But travel with family is the BIG BIG ang pao to me~

This is the 1st time we went to Kuang zou~ With my beloved family~~!!!
Happy happy Damn MUCH!!!2007

2008 CNY, we din go to travel because my cousin wedding~
We went to his wedding
Also very happy with this~ because CHIN family 1st time manage wedding party ^^
2009!!! We all went to Shang HAI!!! hehe
This trip WONDERFUL!!!! M
y lovely family!!
do you know you all are the sweeter in my heart!!?? muacksSS!!!!

and here and here!!!! Snow place!!! 2010!! This year!!
We met up snow!!! is a amazing to us!!!
and we have much much much much memories with the trip!!

So sweet!!!
very sweet with all the moment!!
I thanks to my family~
Thanks for them give me such SWEET memories in my life..
You all are best I ever meet~

During this year I and my family are very very happy because not only the snow place trip and also my SIS wedding party!!!
My dad is the 1st so so happy with this~
not only him ME and all my family members also very happy about this~~

This is my new member of my family!!!! Name is Ronnie!!
He is my sis in law!!! ^^
This is during Sabah wedding dinner...Warm day^^

Here is during KL here wedding day!!!
Really a memorable day to me and my family~
LOOK!!! my dad smile so sweet^^

Hmph here!!!
Actually this post suppose post on last two days ago!!!
Just because my stupid laoptop's wireless got problem!!!
Hmph!! make me cant online properly!!
Have to use cable just can online and post those photo out!!!
DAMN it!!

but nvm~~~
now I can post it out edi!!

Mum, Dad, and all my dearest SIS!!!

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