I finished my exam edi~
Having one months holiday now~
Actually I should be very happy right now,
Because back home!!
Home to my sweet sweet home~

HmMmmMm... Just dunno why suddenly,
just like got something pull me down to the bad mood.
I also dunno what happen to me.
But I just not really good in mood.

I super hyper worry about my result also...
I dunno whether I will pass or fail..
My english paper....
I never get a good result,
and I always "just pass" with the subject,
some more have to be very worry about it "just pass" it.

This time my Fucking lecturer,
din let us know about the course work mark,
dunno wat we had did in the test1,
wat correction of our test2,
have to how to answer the question of final~
WTF of her!!!
Fucking duper shit lecturer!!

I damn hate my degree lecturers!!
Each of them really suck them my foundation lecturers!!
All really the FUCKING HOLY SHIT!!
Better all FUCK OFF!!
I wan back my foundation lecturer!!

and now I just realized the more we paid the less we get..
We paid damn much for the degree course~
but what the FUCK of the lecturer give~
All pieces of SHIT!!

FUCK OFF you all!!
You all have to qualification to be a lecturer!!
FUCK OFF!! pls!

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