MoonCake Festival!!!!!!!!!

I am lazy to type..
Because I have to write the FUCKING diary!!!
So I just uploaded some pictures....

before play lantern, we went to singK!!!

After that, we start our handmade lantern + dinner BURGER!!
After that, we do some vandalism!
Start to light up our lantern!!!
! haha!!!
We all here~~~ ^^
LOOK!!! this is our handmade lantern!! haaha~!!!
This is mine lantern~~ is it look scary??? hahaha..
After that, we put some candle on the TIANG~
Look very pretty la!!!
I love the candle's light~~ look warm!! ^^
Lastly, we have a competition of blowing candle..
haha~ see who can blow how many candle up~ haha

Finally, there is no winner during the night....
everyone is the same level... hahahaha~~

It is the funny, happy, joyful night!!!
but now I FUCKING angry with the DIARY a!!!
FUCK it la!!!!!!
I got no idea to do it, some more have to follow formate to write it..
SHIT !!!
Even blog I also din update everyday la...
NOW!!! I have to write DIARY!!! FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jing said...

wah...u guys de lantern very nice o! good idea o....so nice!!happy belated mooncake festival yan!

Joanne said...

I like your lantern muchie.
Its really creative. Haha