Korea Drama

I seriously addicted with KOREA DRAMA aaarrgghh!!


Started from "Playful Kiss",
This drama really really really NICE A!!!!!
After that,
I keep on watch Korea Drama...


After that I watched "My Girlfriend is a Cyborg".
This drama also not bad,
bcz the girl really really look awesome!!
and some more the story pretty good~ ^^


And then I watched old drama which last time I wanna to watch but failed.."1st Coffee Prince"

This drama was long long time ago,
due to last time I dislike listen in Korea Language so I did not watch last time.
But after I watched "playful kiss",
I cant even stop watch korea drama~!!
hehehehe ^^
This drama not bad not bad too!!! ^^


Now, I watching "My Fair Lady"...
But seem like not nice oh....
I stop to watch that...


And now I downloading "Secret Garden"
I heard lot fren said that this drama not bad~
So now I waiting to watch this ooh!! ^^


And another news is!!!!
Next year CNY I going to travel at Korea a!!!

I damn excited a!!

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