23th April

Guys, do u all know what is that date mean?
Okay, 23th April is my birthday.

Hrrmmm~ What should i except this year?
First, I do really hope dad buy me HTC DESIRE!! muahaha! xD
But ................ IMPOSSIBLE!

Second, my friends....
What they will buy for me uh?
hahaha~ Don care...

Third, my classmate...
will thy celebrate wit me?
especially my besties he and she, what they will do wit me?

Fourth, him...
That one who going to forget who am I in the world.
are he going to buy me gift?
although he buy me gift I SURE 100% don wan it.
I will not accept his gift.
Cz, I going to FORGET him too.

what wishes I going to make?
isnt only can make 3 wishes?
Horrr... I got lot of wishes to make~
1. My studies.
2. doomsday don come on next year pls.
3. Hope all my friends around me wont leave me alone.
4. I wan HTC DESIRE can? I mean during this year I must get it. can?
5. I want HIM disappear in my mind, my memory, my life.
6. I do really hope my studies can be better and better.

can I make all these wishes during my birthday?

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