Birthday>>>>>FINAL EXAM

Guys, u all knw?I had passed a wonderful birthday that I ever had.

I love, I really fucking love my friends here.
I love them... they are really different compare to
my sabah fren.

They will care abt me,
They will worry abt me,
They will think abt me,

In other words, they really love me..

firstly, my own gang friends here~
although they did not give me a big surprise,
but they did well and gave me a great gift in my birthday.

I wanna say that million of thx to them,
since they are busy but they still spent their in:
Making card for me,
Buying gift for me,
Making video for me.

Guys~ you all really awesome!!
Give u all a THUMB UP!

I got a cute boxer here!!!

I got a new HTC desire HD phone here!

I got a pretty nice shoe here!! TIAMO!! ^^

Thx for u guys prepare many thing for me!
I really Love its !!
and I will be appreciated it so so much!!
and I must take crazy care for everything!! Muackss! ^^


Next celebration is I with my classmate!! My banana classmate!
(well I dunno they set them as banana classmate)
Thx for them accompany me whole day from 22th to 23th..

We went to ate PASTE ZANMAI

Nice Food! Not bad here!!
I got a special birthday cake ever!

Thx for my banana classmate here!
After that, we went to ate snowflake!
What a freaking FULL birthday I ever had!

After that, once again!
I got cupcake as my birthday cake again!!!
This is the gift from Vincent n Bear!!!
thx!! although this is pasar malam brand but I like also oh!!


Next round!!!
celebrating wit my family!!
Opss!! T^T no whole family,
just only quarter of them------------ 2nd sis and her husband.

they treated me to eat fish market!
hmm... actually not that nice at all...

after that, CAKE TIME AGAIN!!
haha! this time is the real round cake~
I choose mango cake!
Cz I love to eat mango!! hee

Night time, we BBQ!! hehe




happy 20th birthday!!!

In a conclusion!!
I fucking happy during this time birthday!!
and I really happy!! really really!!
Thx for everyone !! Thx for u guys!!




HAVE TO STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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