Thank You.


NG NYUK KIM,my mummy..
Mum, thank for you born me.
Thank for ur sweet caring since I was born till now,
I was felt so warm and sweet!!

CHIN HON SHU,my daddy..
Dad, thank for you teach me.
You has been give me a lot of knowlegde,
bought usefull thing to me.
Dad, ThankzzZzzZzzzzZZ.

SHET YIN,SHET YEE & SHET CHING,All my beloved sister..
Thank for u all make my life joyful,
Thank for u all's caring,
you all my most closely sisters,
LOVE YOU ALL!!muackZZZzzzz.

HON MUN KANG,my closely friend.
Thankz you~

* forget to post this long long time ago... I was wrote this few months ago.

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