my feeling to 2010

HmMMmm... 2010 had passed one week more.
The 1st feeling to me is nothing.
Nothing special in my life of 2010.
Everyday swimming din go for class.
Sleep, movie wit fren, drama wit fren, chit chat wit fren,
hang out wit fren.
HmMMmm... Even this is not i ascpet in 2010 but don hope will be suck as last year.
There Fucking shit at 2009.
So I don hope to great or best.
I just hope to be normal.
No tear no pain no hurt no feeling.
Normal normal then I will be appreciated the life of ME!
And happy wit family is more important to me.
Really seem like fren doesnt important to me edi.
I just wanna to be normal don be the best.
Mayb this is the most important to my life of 2010.
I hope no love in my life of 2010 too!!!
And I knw I can do it.
Since I had ignore 2 guys which is treat me really good.
But dunno why I scare guy treat me good.
Mayb this call 恐惧感.
Haha... so suck am I.
BTW!! I love now I love to be like that.
When I wan alone I can be alone.
When I wan together I can be together.
That's great!

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