I completed my foundation ady..!!^.^
Its so happy actually, but dunno y I doesn't feel like tat.
Keep still got something I'm so worry.
Yea~ Right~
Now I taking degree ady. Quite scare I can't manage it.
My english, last sem I nearly fail.
But now passed edi, I can't believe it.
I think must be those officer or lecturer help us to pass only.
So I don think I can pass actually.
Degree, got english class again.
HaizZz... Worrying now.


I can't sleep again.
Bak here... my hostel~
Always make me hard to sleep.
HaizZz.. Wat happen?
Mind thinking too much only loh...
haa~Even bak to my sis there.. SAME~
Cant sleep easily. FUCK!
Haa~Think a lot a lot ooh..
Diu~ Wat I can keep think le?
Everything bah...
going to crazy wit these...


23th Apr...
My birthday~!
I tot that he will sms to me for wish.
Haa~ NO!
Quite disappointed. Really!~
Luckily at FB still have, but just only "Happy Birthday"
Haa~I still tot that he will send me something special.
Think to ask him something also.
HaizZzz....Make me keep think bak him.
FrenSssss~ always told me that this kind of ppl don choi so much la.. not worth.
Em Em~ I really knw I shouldn't care tis ppl or else.
But those memorize... Which cant delete from my mind.
keep repeat and repeat.

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