A year

Long time I din update my blog edi,
suppose update everyday likes those blogger.
But since I'm a hyper lazy girl n Suck in English and Chinese's girl,
so I'm not really like to update everyday.
I willing keep everything inside my mind my brain.
Think those stupid question inside my brain my mind.
haha~but sometimes I also will post something here just because I'm bored right now.

Alright~ wat is mean by "a year"?
This is mean by I be a single a year already.
Before that I think I will like this status till I finish my studies.
But this few days I saw a lot of couplessSSsSs..
So now I quite jealous with it.
Mayb 寂寞难耐 already bah...
Swt~~ seem like I "fa qiao" right now.
Anyway, I wont purposely to find someone to be my bf.
I just want let it be.
Just see the god arrangement.

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