hmMm... dunno how to say again leh..
hmmm... yesterday night knew something.
I stand from his side to think a lot of thing.
and use his mind to think.
mayb now he so sad ady.
we also dunno wan how to comfort him.
jz hope him don be so remorse.
Bcz accident we cant expect it come on when and wat time.
But got one of his fren quite serious lehh.
and one of his fren is a girl and the girl face was.... haiz
wat can I comment wit this case?? NONE~
Bcz tis jz an accident.
Hello~ my fren, hope u can hear that wat am I talking here.
PlzZ don be so remorse... bcz we cant expect everything is come from whr and how.
be strong ok!! we all here support u and wont let u stay alone!!

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