HmmMm.. This few weeks, all my fren around keep call me find a BF.
I also dunno why. I think mayb of "she" bah.
Hahaha... They scare that I will become LES. keke
I wont be a LES la... All my dear fren.

I got think b4 to find a BF.
But not porpusery to find. Just waiting the Mr. right also.
I'm not so need a BF actually.
Bcz I really enjoying my single life now.
So BF this business put it a side better.

I quite worry abt my education only.
So mayb even I have a BF I will concentrate on my studies also.
Mayb really being mature edi.
DAI GO LUI edi.. hahaha..
Not really need those puppy sweet love now.
I very concern with my studies actually.
One and the half year be a single girl edi.
And now I really just focus on my studies at all.
Yet, if my Mr.right is come I also wont stop it la..
just let it be.... ^^

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