hMmm.. Am I worrying??
also dunno why.
Jz wanna to update something to my blog.
But whn I click new post and thn try to typing.
My brain is blank.
But I know wat I wan to post.
Just really dunno wan how to type it out.
Mayb Im hesitat bah... My brain. My heart still got who..
HmMmm.. Just hope someday or one day he will know the actual feeling from me bah.
Seriously, dunno wan how to say.
everything I just keep it in my deep heart.
Mayb I just can wait. wait the day come.
Know the feeling my thinking toward u.
Hope myself can help me to settle up.
And may god pity me this stupid girl bah.
Is time to comfrot me ady. My dear god..

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