I cant sleep

I cant sleep today.
I'm not sad wit wat, not angry wit wat, scare wit wat, hate wit wat, mood off wit wat.
Im jz normal mood now.But why I cant sleep.
after celebrating carmen's bday.
I bak to hostel and then start to edit my sis wedding photo.
Just suddenly the mood come. Im quite like it^^ hee.

wish u both have a happy wedding^^

after I edit then I upload to FB and tag them.
Next, I going to sleep on 2.30am
lie on bed almost 30minute more I was slept.
But 3.39am I was woke up.
My laptop music was off and the screen saver photo was stopped.
Stupid laptop always SOT>.<
I try to sleep bak.
But after one hours my mind still wake up but my eyes is close.
Hope to sleep, but I cant sleep.
Dunno why. So I wake up and watching some movie to make my mind tired and ask me to sleep now better.
But now is 5.53am!!! I still cant sleep.
What happen?? Am I sad? NO! Am I hurt? NO!
So wat the hell is going on my mind.
Stupid girl. mayb some problem in my mind.
But I sure that I have nth to worry now.
hMmm.. Jz quite worry abt my studies.
Last sem in foundation edi.
I should work hard. I don hope to get any subject re-take.
May god and guan ying niang niang bless me all the time.

HaizZz.. wats going on??? I cant sleep. Hence, I come and update my blog.
long time din post anything here edi.
After CNY, my mood my body my everything become GREAT!
dunno why~ mayb jz bcz of my family.
I had a wonderful trip with my family.
although this is not the 1st time, but this time I felt the great feeling in the trip.
Mayb I grow up edi and my 2ns sis going to marry soon.
Mayb she cant always stay wit us edi.
So I quite appreciate the time we belong together.
My mum, dad, all my beloved sis. HAPPY^^
Sometimes Im quite stupid, jz bcz I like to show everyone my CNY trip photo.
Cz when I showing to others I feel excited and I will keep explaining the photo.
haha... Stupid>.< keke.. btw~ I love it. Bcz Im happy^^

But NOW I cant sleep. WTH is it?? hehe
Ok~ fine. After I post tis I will try to sleep again.
And yet! Im so late sleep tomolo my bone will be broken down.
OpsSs should be so EARLY sleep.. haha
Goodnight Buddy^^

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