What The F**K

Oh yea~Today is the another day I cant asleep AGAIN!!
Yesterday night I can't asleep since I got class at the early morning 8am~
I roll roll roll and roll on my bed!!
till 3am I still cant asleep.!! u Knw!!
How suffer of this!!!!
Is fucking damn suffer..

When I tried to close my eyes and my mind non stop thinking thinking and thinking!!
Then finally I skipped the class at the early morning...~
So now........................
I think I should be tired rite???
BUT!! I cant asleep AGAIN!!

What the mother fuck up of this!!!

And now I just hope that,
when I cant asleep I got somebody to talk with.
I hate that when I cant asleep,
I keep rolling on the bed and my fucking brain is keep thinking those useless thing..
After that it may make me more hard to be sleep...

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