Wow, such a long time I did not post anything here.

Today I going to blog,

I just dunno why, just feeling to emo again..

Haaaa... WTH is that!

Again and again, my life is belonging with him.

He is not my BF, and even now we are not friends too.

why everyday I will think of him suddenly?
why he will affect my mood?
actually, I got a lot of "why" to him.
Yet, I never ask him about my "why".
Because of I got no chance.
Or may be I not find the chance to let me ask "Why".

can we have a meet?
That just only me and you, because I got a lot of things wanna to tell you and ask you.

I know you are having a great life with your lover,
but I scare when doomsday is come, I got no chance to talk with you anymore.

I trust that doomsday will come in a day, but I dunno when.

I try to find you in many times,
I got your Fb, phone number, address.
But I never go and find you.

Because I scare that you will once again hurt my heart.

But I really need a long talks with you,
I just to heal my heart.

can you?
since now you are having a happy love life.
but I'm not.

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