Oh yeah!!

Guess what?

just now I have a fight with Airasia again..

Which mean I brought ticket to somewhere to play again..

1st , I wanna to say : F*ck You Airasia!! keep on waiting room!!

But after few hours, I succeed!!

I brought for KL to Macau!! RM461 per person.. Included luggage and seat.

is that expensive??

dunno whether expensive or not.

and now I am damn worry.

Cz I scare my parents going to "suk me gao gao"

Aug I am going to Phuket and now Jan 2013 I am going to Macau.

I haven't earn money but I am wasting my parents money now.

I know I am bad, but I really hope to have some nice memory with them.

I will try hard to earn some money and save money!!

Mum n Dad sorryy!!! >.

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