My First Time, My Brave

Such a long time never update my blog although nobody read my blog.

haha... I got feel to update my blog suddenly just because I wanna show how brave am I.

Recently, I did something that I never ever did before in my 21 years' life.

Guys, know what?

May be I read too much of quote or meaningful movie, 

I read lots of quote about 爱是要争取的.

Sometimes I feel such quote so Noob actually,

so I don't even bother about it.


recently, I agreed with that.and I started some action. 

I interested in someone, and he do not know who am I.

and I, go and be friends with him by FB.

such a big brave I did have. 

Seriously, really shy DAO BAO ah!

He seem like not interesting on me.

but I got try to chat with him.

If it's still not work, I think I'll just give up.

Cz really not suitable at all. haa xD

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