earthquake + moon cake festival

last week.....

while im sleepng on the bed...

OppSSsss... My bed keep shaking... Wat happen wit tat?

at 1st I tot tat got something drity is disturbing me..

>.< very scare nie... How I change my sleeping position,my bed still shaking.

I no dare to sleep anymore, so that I sit on the chair.

But my chair also still shaking.

Yer... I really tot tat "GOOD FRIEND" is playing wit me..

So that, I went to my fren. told them wat was happened jz nw.

THEN,my fren told me is earthquake.=.="

Luckily not tat kind of "GOOD FRIEND" play wit me..



Yesterday was moon cake fetival,

even thourgh Im not celebrate wit family,

but I have one sister here,but she also not free on tat day.(she went to wedding party)

so I stay at my sis in low house.

pass moon cake festival wit thier family.

Well. I din stay with thm all the time, most of the time I just inside the room.

I have nothing to do too.

Trying to study. Next week I got 3 test.

Walao... XIAO de~ haiz...

I dunno how to study. Wat should I do?

aikZzz... Tis sem is going too fast. next week is week6 in this sem.

Why time run so fast?

hmmm.... Sometimes I hope that the time is run fast..

Because I so curious on next year,

is it I will be so happy and happy on next year?

I will be very lucky on next year?

I will be meet my mr.right on next year?(hope this much>.<)

haizzzz... anyway, hope tis sem I pass all subject.

God bless me!! GUANG YING NIANG NIANG bless me too~


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