One day

The Feeling of me...
The feeling toward you...
Why you never know that feeling?
The feeling keep back and back to me.
When I run away from the feeling, but....FAILed!!
The feeling toward you back, thinking, suffering, sad-ing... then...
my tear will....
The 1st time I was keep a long .......... to someone.
I'm still waiting.
Still stay at here waiting the hope. the miracle happen.
Even I know that it counldnt be real. only got 0.01% hope.
But I never give up, I just wait at here.
Wait you come back to me.
Such as a stupid thinking.
He is not the best, not the prefect....but why I'm still like tat?
I keep tell myself I will meet a better guy in my future life.
He just like a guy which so normal and not the best passed by my life only
Why I paid a lot of attention to him.
Just becasue of my mind fucking brain mind problem.
He just only a mgs will make me crazy.
The hurt he done to me was........... pain.
Even he said sorry to me a lot a lot. No use>.<
You knw my feeling from the beginning till now?
Start from we close with each others that day started.
All the memorable thing to me...U?
I never forget any single thing between us, arents u?
Do you can feel the big changing to u?
Which will make me hurt?
Do you know my feeling?

Now, each years of my bday I will make a wish which that..
Hope one day you will know my feeling whn u thorw me away
and gv me the big changing felt from you.
Hope one day you will the pain from me.
I cant recover it back.
Half years, I still hurt bout that..
is it wasting my life, my time, my energy?
God help me plz..T.T

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