hmm.., Should I?

aiyoyo~ suppose sleep edi..
But cant sleep.. Why ?
Hmmm... Dunno ooh..
Today quite tired actually, went out met up my ns fren.

So tired... Walk a lot.
I should feel so sleepy now, and on bed dreaming now.
But I cant sleep.Why?

Wat should I do now?
Tomorrow got presentation.
I din do anything for tomorrow.
Slide borrow with fren, and then I edited it only.
Never read it.
HaiZzzz... Fuck~ Wat happen to me..

Hmmm... Hide myself. Don let anyone see the reality me.
Hmmm... Actually wat am I thinking now?

Just everytime back INTI not so happy here.
getting worst at here.
It shouldnt be like tat..
It should be fun ang enjoyable.
Being different

I want go to play leh..
go genting, sunway, shopping, cameron highland, etc.
Relax my mind myself.

This few week fall in love to swimming edi.
When I swimming I will feel so relax.
My brain will be blank. Nothing to think.

Hmmm... Somebody help me?
I need hlep.
Acc me, make joke wit me, disturb me, slap me, hit me or else.
Help to do those thing wit me can?

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