Quite sad

This morning I woke up,
my sis nudge me at msn me.

hmmm... Something happened in my family.
Felt so sad about that.
Wanna go and comfort my aunty but I dunno how to say.

Just only one months more,
the baby just came the world only one months more,
then god take he/she back.

He/She haven't watch the world,
haven't call my aunty mummy,my uncle daddy,my cousin bro and sis.
haven't call me jie jie.
Then he/she cant stay in the life.

haizzz... at 1st I still want to buy some toy or shirt to my new cousin.
It came so suddenly.
make feel quite sad today.
wanna to comfrot my yi yi but dunno how to say.

A baby stop heart beat inside ur stomach.
If you were her, whats ur feeling?
I can felt my yi yi feeling, she must be so sad now.

Some more need go to hospital take he/she out.
So hurt. She must feel so pain.

Besides, we haven't knw that the baby is boy or girl.
Pahetic. Sadness. heartache.


Jing said...

sad to heard that.
the feeling must be very sad that can't say out...
may god bless.

may i know wat the reason of the baby suddenly passed away?

Shetyan said...

we also dunno oooo... suddenly de..