Last night when I cant slp, I think a lot of thing.

Finally I know the reasons why I'm so down tis few days.

I lost 4peaople which treat me so good. In this year.

Firstly, is him.
The best fren at secondary school.
We both so close.(Nt couple)
We cant talk a lot wit each others.
Anything Any happen we both must tell each other.
We knew each others since Form1 till Form5.
But now, he is changing.
So, we are not the best fren and close wit each other anymore.
This can say that in this year I most sad about tis.

Secondly, is him too.
I don wan to talk about him.

Next, is her.
My best fren. I lost also.
Knew each other since primary school till now.
Im too stubborn edi.
Tot Im the best I treat her really good but NO!
She don think so.
Or mayb Im wrong. Im not the best wit her.

Lastly, is him.
I tot tat he really the one wont like the previous fren thorw me alone.
But also same.
I lost edi. Getting far far away from him.

Everytime I tot that he or she is my best forever,
but finally I back to the alone.
I think is my fucking personality got problem.
If not I wont lost 4people in a year.

Today feel like wanna cry o~
My test result like shit of the shit.
some more I knew wat happen to me why cant sleep well this few day.

No one would like to stay wit me.
They hate me.
They dislike me.
Just because my personality got problem.
I think in my life will don have any BEST FREN anymore.
No one would like to be BEST FREN wit me.
I will be the always alone.

I trust the most, the most I disappointed.
What a worst day in inti today??!!??
Test like shit. Feel cool in alone.
Wanna shout out to cry.
But I cant.
I have to keep it inside my heart.
Act Im happy.
Find no one to talk.
This is the point I feel so suffer.
Need someone talk wit me.
No No No No No No NO!!!
Today I talk less than 10 sentences.

I wan back to my family.
Don wan fren world.~!
Fren just will gv u a lot of sad, hurt, pain..
Never care.

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