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Tis few days I damn crazy wit 超级星光大道之传奇赛❤!!!
Just because all of them are AWESOME!!!
Each of them, One of them!! I just can use one word to describe them "WOW!!!!!!!"
They all really really really can sing really really really sing very very very WELL!!
OMG!! I damn like them, especially Janice YAN!!!

is her is her!!! 閻奕格!! GREAT!! She has a pretty face, nice voice!! GOSH!!

Actually not only her is great, inside this singing competition all of them sing very GENG la!!
This 超级星光大道之传奇赛 is those who been out at previous competition come back fight again.
So, Jancie is the girl which pk with others and won many times,
then this time she come and join this stage singing competition.
HmmMm.. got two guys there I also very very like them
They are 吴忠明&张心杰!!
Both of them sing also very nice!! Lov Lov!!

Tis is 吴忠明!!! For myself I quite Like him ooh..~ **

Tis is 张心杰!! His voice got a bit like husky.. Is very special~

AwwwWw~ after watch 星光 then I watch Astro新秀...
Alamak!! Astro really Astro really cant even fight with 星光 loohh..
From my opinion, "cincai" one out from 星光's participant come Astro pk all...
He/she also can win them la!!
The astro really really really low standard le..
Sorry to say even I got one fren in final now.
but she also not the great there~
You knw why she can in the final??!!
EASY!! Pretty la!! Piuuwwtt!! Alamak!! Alamak!!

I din say the bad of Malaysia la~
But But But!! They really cant win others country la~
Like American Idol also very geng~
China de also not bad...
Now the most powerful in my heart is

The another thing I wan to talk about is...
in 星光, if ur look not ok~ the judges will direct say u..
If u r fat the judges will ask u for diet..
BUT!!! in Astro!! those judges are direct out those look ugly look fat look not nice.
Even they really can sing..
For those look pretty nice handsome but sing so so only..
Can in in the final~

What the hack of tis!!??
What the hell of Tis!!!??
What the *uck of tis!!??

Im so sorry to say Malaysia like very bad here..
But after I watch 星光 then I watch Astro~
REALLY REALLY REALLY the BIG different na~~
AiksSS~ Why Astro singing competition can find those really can sing,
those really well???
Somemore the judges....HaizZz
I just compare compare compare both of these singing competition..
Really the BIG different of these singing competition~~
Look & listen the judge's comment to participant..
I also can differentiate clearly..

Don care about look, don care about face~
Just use the heart use the ears to listen properly their voice??
I really really really strongly HATE Astro singing competition!!
Quite insult those really can sing but look not really nice~

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