Last9 I was chat wit my sis..

And I comfirm will go to INTI SUBANG JAYA study soon..

Intake may..Stay at hostel..3years for degree...

OMG!! I gonna leave my hometown few year...

My sis asked me,issit ready to study at kl?

On the moment I dunno I should be answer YES or NO..

Jz ans my sis....Mayb yes or mayb no..

1stly.. I felt tat I really hope to study at kl..

But now I gonna to leave my hometown,mum,dad again..

Tis time not like last time jz only 3mons...

Tis time I leave here,I gonna leave till 3years..

Yea~ Mayb holiday like tat I can come back again..

But dunno why I felt tis is another feeling...>.<

Haizzz... Dunno My life at kl will how?

My College life will how? My new partner is how?(meant hostel,I share room)

Everything I cant control it..

But I hope everything will be fine...


HansonLi said...

u know,we still gonna leave our family one day no matter sooner or later.
if u think college will be better for u compared to f6,go ahead.
be tough for any challenge
study hard and make ur parent feel proud =D

Shetyan said...

HansonLi-Thx for advise..ThxQ vry much~ I knw wat I need to do...:-)