getting better

Today start a lot function already..

Felt like so tired,but when I think to take a nap,cant sleep in..
So,wake up at the bed,update my blog.

I was started enjoy my college life yesterday..
Cause I knew few friends at this college,my hostel block,my same course buddy & so on..

Yesterday I was goes to attended an ice breaking at our college sport hall.
Firstly I alone sitting at at coner,suddenly got a quite pretty girl come and sit beside me.

She the first start to talking wit me.
So,start at tat day,we walk together,do anything together and a lot.
And we are best friend now..
Even we are not same course but not bad.
She is nice,friendly,quite fun and good.
We using english to talking,even we are chinese.
Cause I thinking wan to improve my english too.
OpZZzzz... forget to say her name,she name call Emilia.

YEAH YEAH!!! forget to say more important thing.
Still remember my new name? JOEY!!!
hehehe... start my new life,I also start to use my new name JOEY!

So I & Emilia were getting closely and close.
It's the good starting for both of us..

*help me to check my pass tense or else got anything wrong?

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