I'm wrong

Last few days I not in mood..

Something happened.. But tat Was a Pass... I hope to talk about it again.....
Last9 I bought ticket flight edi...

tis month 27th Ak5123 16:35 I will be go to kl..

Orhgghhgg... Too fast Too fast..

Felt like I haven't get ready... 29th enrol.. 4th may Start to study edi..

HaizzzZZz... Stay at single room,no friend >.<

Tats all my sis fault..Who ask her last minute just go to booking room..

So its lucky still got one single room for me.. (you know? The last one room)

Orghhhh... 27th I reach kl edi,then the next day I need stay at hostel edi..

I heard my sis said,My room damn LAN C oh..
I received my sis mgs...

My sis: Yan,Go call to nilai inti ask issit I can go to hostel on 28th..

Joey : ok..
Something happen on tat time..

I go to search Inti subang jaya... And I make a call to there edi..

Hello,Issit here is inti subang?

I'm asking the women tat my sis need I ask tat question...

Fuck!!! no my Name there... OMG!!!!

Direct called my sis... ask My college is subang or nilai there?

Shit!!!!! At nilai not subang!!!!! >.<>

Keep sms to my ns which stay at subang... They all also disappointed..

Ofcz I tat most sad tat one...

Shit!!!! From the 1st till the end I tot I study at subang!!

But The Last minute I just knw I gonna at nilai not subang!!!

So just now I need research again the information about nilai..

And I think Tat is my room,Look at below.....

Cz my sis said the LAN C one, Then tis one is LAN C one...

For me Not bad also la... Cz I not so like a complicate..

like simple.. As tat room like tat... But no air-con..

This I cant accept>.<

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