College's life in Inti UC

I suppose to be update my blog this afternoon..

But I can't sleep,so update my blog.
Cause except update blog I have nothing to do also.
And here line f*cking poor,even I think to wan download some movie also cant!
So I must wan to upgarde my line,if not I will getting crazy here.

And somemore I hate here much and much!
Cause here my block go to my class need waste till 10min something like tat..
and here f**king hot.
Dunno I need how to describe my feeling now.

But I quite like to crazy wit new friends here.
I like it..
Somemore I that cray girl too rigth?

Tomorrow our college will bring new student going out for hang around seremban jusco.
OpssSSs..Not tomorrow is today oh!! hehe...
So hope I will be have fun at there..

I not sleepy,I dun think I will going to sleep after I finish update my blog.
So I chat wit my college friends then just go and sleep.



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