one word "GOOD"

Today I was had a great trip at seremban jusco.

And last9 I was slept at 2.30am around,so when my alarm rang on 8am I also no got any feeling.
Haha.. Finally 杨丞琳's song 暧昧 was rang two time I just awake..
Then was so rush to do everything to let me get ready.
But luckily I'm so clever,I can on the time to get ready & I got time to cook maggi for breakfast too.

Huh..!!!!?? Something happened when I finished wear my shoe and going out from the room.
STUPID JOEY!! tat's me!!Forget to take the key at room,and I was lock myself outside the room.
opssSss.. you know tat time almost 8.45am(cause we gourp at 8.45am),
so I go and ask the security how is it...
Then she called me dun worry,she asked another security to took master key to me.
So I think I can reached on the time,but SHIT!!
The another security too slow,I wait till 9am jz can open my room and took the key.
So it;s so rush. But nvm,my friends didn't throw me alone walk to he bus stop^^

Hehe... so now, the fun thing was coming!!!
hehe... when we reached jusco,jusco also haven't open yet.
Some of them were can't wait already,cause they wan to watch movie.
For me,still felt like okok la.. hehe
And my gourp thinking go to watch movie too.
then I just followed them loh..

YEAH!! jusco was open edi...
My group's member they all use to run to the cinema.
Ofcz we are girl must walked slowly.
And we dunno the guy wan to watch wat movie is it.

After guys bought ticket edi,we just knew they wan to watch X-mens.
But girls must not so like to watch this kind of movie.
And now My friend-Emilia was saw a karaoke box they,
and she suggest girls go to singging.
All girls was put up thier two hand and said K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha.. So we go to singging luuu...
WowWOwWowWow~ That's was so fun damn fun for all of us.
Cause all of us were damn like to singging.
We keep choose song,and sing a lot of song.

can't show all the picture,cause the shit line so poor,then hard to post it.
Then when we are enjoy to singging,suddenly the waiter came in asked us go to chg a small room.
SHIT!!! we keep scolding him,cause it's unfair for us and felt like they all bully student.
finally,the manager was came and said sorry to us.
And gave us some preferntial voucher to us.

So all of us were so crazy inside the room!!
hehe.. Finished singging,we go to join the guys to play some games.
then coming back college.
Today I was passed a powerful day!!
hehe... so happy oOooOOOo!!

Later 7.30pm going out to dinner wit them again!
Take a nap now..
Eyes tired>.<

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