I like this~

Even all of my stuff became so worsted,
but now I enjoying my life with my coursemate.
Because all of them so funny and not fake~

Last9 we going to singK again~
seem like our college's life is pool,singK & whole din sleep.
Even though those thing such as so bored but all of us having fun during the activitives.

Last9 we goes singK again~Nilai Mybox,6peoples per3hours just only RM60,not including food,
but I think quite cheap,but again~
the sound is bad.

now the PRETTIST GIRL also joined us going to singK.
Obviuosly I dislike the feeling while singing with her.
Nvm, now she get in the F*CKING STUPID Ms.inti,
so now she will be so busy,
then I will be more happy and happy!!!
haha... she gonna be so busy,then I gonna to relax my ears soon too~

Inti idol???!!!!???
I love to sing,
now got a chance let me to show it,
and all my fren here told me that I can sing,
but I have no confident.

Wanna to join or not?
should be make a decision now..


Jing said...

wow...inti idol~
i also think u can sing!
do da best!

Shetyan said...

hahaha~ jing thx thx thx