Didn't going back.

Today is friday.
But I didn't as usual going back to kajang find my sis.
I stay at hostel,
almost all my friends going back thier hometown,
left my 2 KAKI dinner friends here.

Now even I wan going back I also want back to sabah,
not kajang here.
Reach the house I also can't smell the sweet sweet taste.
Cause that is my 2nd sis's fiance house,
not the house which I was lived 10years edi.

Haiz.... Miss my mum so much hor...
I wan eat my mum's cooking!!!
I miss my bed!!!
I miss my toilet!!!
I miss my car!!!
I miss my turtle!!!
I miss my sabah fren!!!!
I miss everything at my hometown!!!

HaizzZZzzz... jealous my fren which really can go back thier real hometown,
but I just can back my fake hometown!!

Really can't TAHAN edi,
hope that can fast fast finish the final exam!!
But I scare the final exam too>.<

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