Everyday,we go out to yam cha,pool & singK.
Last night we goes to played pool again~

Suddenly all of us felt like is time to study,
JUNE gonna to start our test 1,
but we still din study & going to yam cha pool & singK.

I & derick felt like we wasting our parent's money now,
because here.
We paid for study,but everytime go to class we just chating and playing~

OMG~ how come?!!????!!?!!?!
Hate myself now.
And the business class started make me blur already.
I totally dunno wat she talking about in front!!!!

My Ma Ma Mia~
help me....

okokok~ I gonna to help myself now~
to9 study study study and study!!!!!

need going to class now.
today class 12pm till 4pm...

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