This few day I didn't update my blog,
not I lazy,not I have no topic,not I moody also.
It I can't online since I was goes to KL~

And how stupid am I,
I bring my laptop to KL,
so suffering to carried this heavy laptop by bus,KTM,monoroil + walk.
Finally,just realize that I didn't bring my laptop charger!!!
Then the finally of the finally I go a computer shop ask for charger my laptop,
so lastly my laptop full battery already.

After that my big sis lousy hotel no wifi,
can't online too...
Need we going to KFC order some food at there and online at there,
what a lousy KFC also,hard to online easily,
I think maybe wasted my laptop battery around 20% then I just succeed to online.
The object why I wan to online that because of I want send the mum's card to my sis which stay at sabah now..

YEAH!!!!Finally I was succeed to designed the card~
Then I was sent to my 3rd sis..
The next day,(meant before mother's day that day)
my 3rd sis early morning called me,
asked me add more word at dad the place there.

So using my low battery laptop to some word..
Finally,became like that...
More funny + nice...
At the end,I with my big sis going to KFC eat some food again,
that because of I want to online and send this picture to her.

WTF!! my laptop having a problem,
dunno why when I wan to send something to friends or family,the window will close it automatic!
Even I used e-mail also like that..So I keep tried and tried,
finally I can send the picture with msn,
but my 3rd sis didn't online.

OMG!!! so I send it to one of my friend,
then asked her send to my sis.
But finally of the finally my 3rd sis online,
my low battery laptop keep warning and warning!!!
But lastly I safety sent the picture to my mum^.^
(another rush day)

My mum was received it at yesterday night 7pm something.

*09/05/2009 till Mother's day

Now said about today what happened in my life.
Cause last9 I was followed my 2nd sis back to kajang,
then morning my 2nd sis will fetch me to KTM back college,
to have my class at 12pm.

So I though that my 2nd sis will call me wake up when she wake up too.
So when I saw my HP clock was 8am already,
but I didn't wake up cause I know my sis will call me wake up,
but again,when I awake at the second time was 10am already,
It was terrify me,
I rush to toilet brush teeth and wash face,
Then finished everything,
my sis's fiance came in said bring me out for breakfast,
then he said I will be reached my college on time,
so that I just will followed him to ate.

When I reached KTM that time was showing me 11am already.
Obviously,I can't reached on time already.
When I reached nilai was 11.30am,
I felt that I still can reached on time,
but how stupid am I,saw the inti bus there I didn't by the bus,
I goes to by nilai bus!!!
The bus was trun a round just stop at college,
so finally 12pm I reahced college,
but I carried many thing so I went back to room put all the thing,
it's 12.10pm.

Then I think I better dun go to class,
so I was absent one time on my general studies class.

While I at room,I go to shawer then washed my shirt then do something.
4pm go to my basic mat class~
Tat's all for this few day happened!

And now I'm so tired,
need a good rest now~

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