No money!!!
Last two week ago,I was used a lot of money~
Just only 2days,I was used around RM100++.

That's because of my BIG SIS came to kl already,
I need to spent a lot of money at transpot,food & others.
Just only those thing was wasted a lot of my money~

Even I still got some money at BANK,
but I still want to control myself dun use too much~
If not I would felt like waste my dad money too.

So this week I didn't go out for dinner or else,
I stay my room eat bread,biscuit & my favorite NESCAFE!!!
hehe...Actually those food can't full my stomach,but still can TAHAN..
If really too hungry I just can eat maggi to full it.

So last9 I was attended a college friend's birthday party.
At the beginning acutally quite bored,
because some of the boy didn't singing & just quite at there.
So I felt like so bored & the GIRL keep singing there,
make me felt so annoying~

But lastly & luckily I got another friends,they all Jia Xian,Chea Yee & Eme,
play wit them and keep taking photo & singing with them,
started from that time I was started crazy,
all of us standing up to singing,dancing & shout out!!
hahaha... Fun!!

Yeah~our happy picture.....
Still got a lot,but not at my phone~^^
Look all the pictures,I was took photo with a person which I like play with them,
Hate the girl!!! So I didn't go to her beside and said:"Come we take photo."
=p,I dun wan!!

haizZz... But sadness!!!
The party also need money ooo0000ooo..
So now I totally BANDKRAP a!!!!
and some of the class and subject need to pay those photocopy money,
text book photocopy~
Adui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need money now!!


HansonLi said...

u used WAS at the wrong places

Shetyan said...

ya ah?
Thx Thx Thx