Today I was quite tired,
but so sleepy.

Dunno why is it the felt,
but I really so sleepy.

Today as usually 7.30pm go out dinner with those "cows"
(that mean by our group called "cow").
Finished ate,
they going to play pool~

I really dislike to play and I dun wan to meet the girl anymore,
every early morning need meet her till night,
so I dun hope 24 hours stick with her together~~

So when I reached my room,
I as usually on laptop,
hang around with my beloved laptop here,
then suddenly thinking that I wan desgin a mother's day card to mum.

So copy here,paste there,search there,download pic here...
Finally got a concept to desgin it.

Firstly,I just very very simply to do it..

Then I was sent it to my 2nd sis.
hahahaha~ she said she like it..

Then I trying to make it more funny.

add our sisters face inside then become like this...

Then my 2nd sis said she look so fat called my change pic,

and I tried to put dad face inside too..

Finally become like this..

Lastly~ I and my 2nd sis would like this pic so much.

Tomorrow I going to meet my big sis and 2nd sis,

then we all will use mouse freehand to wirte something inside.

So tat meant we all with one own's hand write to mum,

even we all not at sabah~

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Jing said...

Haha...good idea,nice design!for sure ur mum will like it so much!^^