Just a small thing!!!

How come they wan to take this like so serious?
Excuse me!!even I come from sabah,even sabah just not so advanced than kl.
Why seem like I more .... how to say ar... in chinese is like tat.比他们见识更多.

So stupid,I told before I made a 1st new friends called Emelia,
Before tat I had said she is nice,pretty,wat fuck positive thing!!
tat all is fake,fucking damn fake!!
She is the girl think like she so pretty,then she wan to control the whole world.
This kind of people I'm not the 1st time meet.
This kind of people it's hard to subsist in this world.
She act like she the most improtant in our group?
Fuck!! she think she really the so GENG ?
you wan to compare wit me?
I just become like so weak at here,wan try to talk principle wit me?
you still need to train 10years lar...
I train my band,how many year? almost 6years.
How hard to bring a band,did you all know?
Want to be a leader you still no this qualification to be,
Cause I'm here,I just be quite and act like I'm weak and stupid,
I more clever than you all actually.
I not paise my own self,
Cause kl people was and indeed they are not so clever than SABAH loh..

Actually just now she didn't happened anything wit me!!
I just not really like her attitude!
She is worst of the worst girl.
Actually just now we are really fun,
we going to singK angain at nilai here,
and we having fun going back to hostel,
and we are so tired thinking about skip morning briefing,
but suddenly we felt like not so good if whole group didn't go to briefing.
so just some of the guy said he dun wan to go,
then we keep ask him to go,
but he also dun wan,
then if he dun wan then as his like,
why we wan to care about this?
is it our group no got him will die?
and he not didn't come to whole day,
he morning didn't come then lunch wit us,
but tat Emelia taking this like so serious one,
keep force him to go, and keep said this is unfair?
Fuck lar!!!

I really dunno wan to descride this thing anymore..
I hope some of you guy will catch my thinking now,
and how the human will got this kind of the worst of the worst attitude?
If you be the human you dunno how to patience for everything,
I dun think he/she will suceed at the society?

If I still talking about this,will be a essay,
dun wan cause anymore stop typing!!

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