hope got work to do.

Really so bored.
Suddenly I hope that I got a lot of work to do,
for the example:assignment(but I scare I cant handle),homework(I scare I dun understanding),go singK(scare I will be so relax,forget to study) and some stupid thing.

Haiz... Dunno how now!!
Hope faster friday then I can go to kl find my big sis,
she come here for working training tow months here,
then alone stay at hotel,pity her no friends,
so this friday finish class direct go find her.

now got a bit worry about next week study's thing.
Cause the 2nd weeks for study,
so I think must got homework and start assignment already.
really scare I can't handle it.
how how how?

Even exma I also felt like not so confident.
having a lot of stress now.

Hope to get all the work,
see that I can handle it or not,
better than I sit at here just worry.

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