Don wan here

I wan back Sabah.
I really don wan stay at here.
A week almost 3or 4 days is alone stay at room.
Friends always dating wit boyfriend.
Room always empty.
So lonely...T.T
I hope I can back Sabah soon.
Just don wanna to stay at here. Don wan always alone.
Although I back Sabah I also just stay at house, but I still got my parent.
Not like here, only weekend I can go to find my sis.
and not always weekend I can go and find her.
Cz sometimes she is not free.
At the end, I still have to alone stay at here.
This Fucking place, which make me so stressful, tension, boring, suck, damn, shit!!!!
Back Sabah I feel so warm, cz got my mum together wit me.
T.T I hate here, Fucking Fuking shit damn lar!!!!
Always sick just can face alone, pain just can cry alone.
Felt sad wit that.
Btw feel like nothing wit this lonely feeling.
cz I also dunno. Don wan others wit me. Xcluding my family.
Don wan fren, Don wan Boyfriends, Don wan here.
I just wan my family.
When I can stick wit them together.
I hate fren, I hate here.
I wan family. T.T

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