The short Happiness>.<

Finished watched movie.. Quite boring movie.. TIME TRAVELER>.<
baskin robbins~ Wit my farvorite MANGO!!!

At the garden.. >.<

Teach Jo Jo How to act cute..~

Tat moment stick wit them I felt so happy, enjoyable.
But when bak here... INTI Hostel!!

My mood is going to down.
Hmm~ I trying to don think so much.
Think about positive thing.
HmmM. It seem like so hard. But I keep on try and try.
However, I keep on failed and failed.
HmmM.. I hope I knw the real the truth.
But I scare Im hurt Im sad Im cry again and again.
Is hyper suffer.
I wan knw .. thinking.
Actually wat .. wan..~

My happiness always is short.
Is getting short and short. HaizZz

This sat mayb alone go to SG shop shop shop!!!
Untill I crazy.. >.< The always alone's me..
Somebody help me???

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