Hmmm... the second final exam to me again.
Tis saturday is the final exam of malaysian studies- moral.
Hmmm.. Not worry about that. Bcz just knw my course work mark.
I get 49 mean when final I no need so worry about that.
So far I very worry about my english,business and economics.
Hmmm... Anyway I also hope this sem I can improve all my subject result.
A to A+, C to B, B to A. God bless me.
Hmmm... But I also don so greedy just wish that I can pass all my subject.


Other than that, 28th nov I had a sweet dream which I never have b4.
I had dreamed him.
He did a lot of thing to me during the dream.
actually the dream quite messy.
But everything come to me is so prefect.
Which make me so enjoy during the dream.
Unlucky that, suddenly got a naughty boy wake me up.
So I cant continue wit that dream.
Last9 I try to dream it bak.. but I failed.. :(
So tonight I hope I can dream it bak... :D


Jing said...

haha...a sweet dream^^hope 2day will dream again la~
and also wish u good luck in ur exam!=)

Shetyan said...

thx jing^^