I wan mummy.

So pain vry pain.
Why each month I will pain till like tat??
T.T If now I at sabah Mummy must take good good care to me.
I wan mummy.
Im so pain now.
Face this pain by myself. alone T.T
So suffering now.
Every month I must be like tat.
Why period so suffer de? haiz..
Why boy din period? they should knw gal's suffer.
Whole day pain till I cant even walk.
T.T I wan mummy. Mummy's food can make feel better.
Wont so suffer now. till midnight still cant sleep.
So pain. So tired. So suffer. T.T
I wan bak sabah wan mummy wan ppl take care me.
So lonely. No mum's soup. No caring.
Alone Alone Alone!!! T.T
I wan mummy leh!!! MA!!!! Ngai oi ngit ooh!!
Hao tong hao tong ooh~ mao lit hoi arr!!! oi si hoi loh!!

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