Yesterday same the lonely day to me.
I tried to called him, but he was busy his assignment.
He asked me to wait him free.
So, I was waiting him on that time.
Almost 4am, I bah tahan I went to slept din wait him.
Since we long time din chit chat, I just miss him and call.
But same. He always busy. Fine =p

Other than that, one of my fren is in a complicated relation wit TWO boys.
I doesn't knw wat she is thinking now.
Always tot that she very geng very mature can hold on everything.
Actually she is not. She just make a guy suffering there and keep on do the same thing to him.
The another boy even doesn't look like care her so much, but she seem like so care him.
And then.. haiz... Anyway just complicated.
Dunno she is like the another boy's material or true heart.
either she is love the another boy's happy or for fun.
She was lie me she went to find her aunty at kl yesterday.
But I knw that she went to find the another boy which together wit him 2 years de.
Then both of them always argue wit the topic of " HIM"
which is suddenly come out at their relation.
If she wit him's relation is hardship and she really love him,
she wont care about the another boy which suddenly come out from them relation.
But she did something more close thing wit the another boy.
How come.???
I got talk about this topic wit all my fren which is around her de.
HMmmMm.. Anyway Complicated only.
From my opinion I hope that she at the end lost everything.
Two of these boys will disappear in front her.

And from me, don hope to couple anymore edi..
Very troublesome and annoying wit LOVE this word.
But I still love my family..

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